A Space-Shooter Game on the Web with C#, WASM, and Uno Platform

Growing up as a 90s kid, I played many space shooter games, which gave me a profound love for arcade-style games. This prompted the idea of building my own game, only this time; I wanted my game to run on the web! The challenge was, how? This article shares some insights on my choice of framework and how I made a 2D space shooter game with C#, WebAssembly, and Uno Platform. To keep this article short, I can’t cover every detail of how I built this game so here’s the link to my GitHub repository if you wish to dig a little deeper: GitHub Repo Play Atro Odyssey Why Not Unity? We all know that these 2D games are easily made on Unity, but they aren’t responsive on the web. You get a WebGL player on your browser screen, a fixed-sized area where you can play the game. It can go Fullscreen, but that’s not genuinely responsive. Also, Unity WebGL content is not supported correctly on mobile devices. It may still work, especially on high-end devices, but many mobile devices are not powerful enough and don’t have enough memory to support Unity WebGL content well. It’s excellent for native game