Creating Elegant Reports in WebAssembly Apps with DevExpress Reporting and Uno Platform

Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on reddit Good engineers integrate when and where it makes sense regardless of the territory being charted. Great engineers and community members explore that uncharted territory and map it out for others.  This is what one of our clients and contributors – Kahua – faced when facing a business challenge. They solved it and shared some tips on how to go about it for anyone who walks the same path.   The Challenge Kahua needed to create a large number of dashboards and reports across platforms and devices on top of the Uno Platform powered Web Application and soon mobile and desktop applications.  On the technical side, this meant connecting two advanced and complex frameworks with an enterprise application and bringing forward what all three entities do the best.  DevExpress is a widely used powerful reporting framework which is highly configurable and works cross-platform.   Uno Platform provides multi-platform support for applications built with C# and XAML. Kahua is an enterprise application which provides complex configuration, user-defined applications and runs on .NET.   Uno Platform and DevExpress are using .NET and JavaScript to provide their functionality beside other technologies. Meanwhile, Kahua is utilizing .NET