Hello Discord and Stack Overflow!

Over the past two years, we have used Gitter as our main communication channel between Uno Platform engineering team and Uno community. It has served us great with immediate responses we were getting from community on new bits published, troubleshooting issues together etc.

With the size of our community it is time for us to look for new platforms to help sustain the community.

We have found that we answer similar questions a few times, sometimes that could easily be captured as general ‘knowledge base’, easily searchable and findable by search engines. Also, we have seen a great energy behind Discord and Windows desktop developer community there.

From today on, we’d like to channel the conversation and community questions into two main channels.

Of course, the main repository of all product issues continues to be Uno GitHub repo and our Twitter account will remain as active as ever.

See you all on Discord and Stack Overflow.

Your Uno Platform team

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