Build Single Codebase Apps for WebAssembly, iOS, Android and Windows. Today.

The only platform for building native mobile, desktop and WebAssembly apps with C#, XAML from a single codebase. Open source and professionally supported.
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Uno Platform Benefits

Uno Platform makes a great choice for modern .NET developers.

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Build for WebAssembly — Today

Uno Platform updates in sync with the latest WebAssembly advancements. Just give it a shot in the playground below. Uno-built native apps can be compiled to WASM with no additional development efforts!

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Single Codebase: Web, Mobile, Desktop

Smart developers reuse. Your business logic and UI layer will be close to 100% compatible across native mobile, web and desktop.

Tools You Love & Skills You Have

If you speak C#, XAML and use Visual Studio you will feel at home. Ramp up time is minimal and you can take advantage of all that the Visual Studio ecosystem has to offer for testing, deploying, project management, and more.

Fastest DevLoop – Guaranteed.

On projects we work on with Uno Platform, we find ourselves spending 95% of the time in Visual Studio and on Windows, only occasionally checking if WASM, iOS and Android ‘heads’ are looking good. For you this means gains in productivity through Visual Studio debugger experience, speed of deployment and hot reload / edit and continue features as well as working perfectly with Azure DevOps

UI Flexibility: Same look everywhere, or custom UI for each platform

By using Uno you can either have the same look & feel across mobile and web. Or, if you’d prefer to you have platform-specific look, you can also do that by overriding code needed to render controls. We default to the first, as that’s what most of our clients ask for. But we also provide you an option to also utilize the latter. Choice is good!

Future proof your apps– Uno Platform support for SkiaSharp

SkiaSharp allows you to draw pixels on Skia canvas, as opposed to using native controls. In turn this allows you to move to any new platform as they become available. You can use Uno Platform to take advantage of SkiaSharp-enabled fast drawing times, high performance, visual layouts and will be able to create any element or animation you need, without platform-specific UI restrictions.

You are in Good Company