See MediaPlayerElement on MSDN

Media formats

Supported Formats iOS Android Remarks
Local/Remote MP3 Support X X
Local/Remote MPEG4 Support X X
HLSv3 Support X X
HLSv4 Support X X
3GP Support X X 3GP with AMR Narrow Band (SAMR) audio codec does not work on iOS (See notes)
FLV Support - X
MOV Support X -
MKV Support - X
AVI Support - X
OGG Support - -
MPEG-Dash Support - -
Smooth Streaming Support - -


  • Uno's MediaPlayerElement relies on AVPlayer for iOS and AndroidMediaPlayer for Android. Please refer to those native players documentation for more information about supported audio and video formats
  • If you need to set source programmatically (i.e., using _mediaPlayerElement.Source = [source]), please note that only sources created with MediaSource.CreateFromUri() are currently supported


Section Feature iOS Android Remarks
MediaPlayerElement AutoPlay X X
Poster image X X Does not show when playing music
Enable/Disable MediaTransportControls X X
Stretch X X Stretch.None behave like Stretch.Fill on iOS
Pause media when headphones unplugged X X
TransportControls Transport controls custom style X X
Play/Pause X X
Stop X X
Seek X X
Volume change X X
Mute X X
Show elapsed time X X
Show remaining time X X
Show/Hide MediaTransportControls automatically X X
MediaTransportControls compact mode X X
Show/Hide MediaTransportControls commands X X
Enable/Disable MediaTransportControls commands X X
Skip forward X X
Skip backward X X
Show buffering progress X X
Zoom mode X X
Full-screen mode X X
Playlists support X X
Change playback rate - -
Player controls on locked screen support - -
Subtitles support - -
Languages support - -



Add the following to your info.plist


Note: Don't just copy/paste, but properly setup NSAppTransportSecurity as required by your project


Add the following to your AndroidManifest.xml

<!-- Required to play remote media -->
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />
<!-- Required to keep the screen on while playing -->
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WAKE_LOCK" />

Future improvement

  • Playback rate support
  • React to audio focus changes (pause/stop playback or reduce audio volume)
  • Subtitles support
  • Languages support
  • Display poster for audio media
  • Buffering of next playlist element when using MediaPlaybackList

Known issues

  • [iOS] Volume flyout does not display (Uno issue)
  • [All] Dynamic width/height not supported when playing audio
  • [All] Sometimes flickers during resizing when using dynamic width/height