Note: The Button allows developers and designers to override the background's color via the Selection colors option

Binding: By default, Data set with the Content field in the Properties tab in the plugin will be applied to the Content property for this component.

button | Property | Options | Description | | -------- | ----------------------------------------------- | ------------------------------------------------------------ | | Type | Elevated, Filled, Text, Outlined, FilledTonal | Changes the style of the button | | Icon | True/False | Adds an icon before the label | | State | Enabled, Disabled, Hovered, Focused, Pressed | Alters the current state of the component, although it doesn't affect the plugin |

Extra Customization

To reach the extra customization features you will need to work your way through the hierarchy of the component to find the specified sub-components.

  • icon: Allows you to change the icon of the Button. It will only be displayed if the Icon property is enabled.
  • Label: Allows you to change the text of the Button's label.