.NET MAUI Embedding - GrapeCity ComponentOne .NET MAUI Controls

The FlexGrid and Calendar in the ComponentOne .NET MAUI Controls can be used in an Uno Platform application via .NET MAUI Embedding.

Sample App

An existing sample app that showcases the controls is available here.


In order to use the ComponentOne controls, you first need to install the ComponentOne ControlPanel following these instructions.

Getting Started

  1. Create a new application using the unoapp template, enabling .NET MAUI Embedding. In this case, we're going to use the Blank template (-preset blank) and include .NET MAUI Embedding support (-maui).

    dotnet new unoapp -preset blank -maui -o MauiEmbeddingApp
  2. Remove the net7.0 target framework from both the MauiEmbeddingApp and MauiEmbeddingApp.MauiControls projects. GrapeCity doesn't provide reference assemblies for net7.0, so the net7.0 target framework needs to be removed to avoid build errors.

  3. Next, add a reference to the C1 .NET MAUI NuGet packages to the MauiEmbeddingApp.MauiControls project. If you want to use the FlexGrid control, add a reference to C1.Maui.Grid. If you want to use the Calendar control, add a reference to C1.Maui.Calendar.

  4. In the AppBuilderExtensions class, update the UseMauiControls extension method to call either, or both, the RegisterFlexGridControls or RegisterCalendarControls methods.

    using C1.Maui.Grid;
    using C1.Maui.Calendar;
    namespace MauiEmbeddingApp;
    public static class AppBuilderExtensions
         public static MauiAppBuilder UseMauiControls(this MauiAppBuilder builder) 
     	    => builder
                .ConfigureFonts(fonts =>
                    fonts.AddFont("MauiEmbeddingApp/Assets/Fonts/OpenSansRegular.ttf", "OpenSansRegular");
                    fonts.AddFont("MauiEmbeddingApp/Assets/Fonts/OpenSansSemibold.ttf", "OpenSansSemibold");

Adding FlexGrid

  1. Follow the FlexGrid Quick Start to apply XAML to the EmbeddedControl.xaml and C# code to the EmbeddedControl.xaml.cs (in the constructor).

  2. Add Customer class (see https://www.grapecity.com/componentone/docs/maui/online-maui/customerclass.html).

  3. Wrap content in ScrollViewer on the MainPage of the Uno Platform application to make sure the full FlexGrid and other controls can be scrolled into the view.

App Render Output

  • Android:

    • Android FlexGrid
  • Windows:

    • Windows FlexGrid

Adding Calendar

  1. Follow the Calendar Quick Start to apply XAML to the EmbeddedControl.xaml.

  2. In order for the Calendar control to render correctly on all platforms you should set both HeightRequest and WidthRequest attributes on the Calendar control.

App Render Output

  • Android:

    • Android Calendar
  • Windows:

    • Windows Calendar