Material Control Extensions


This feature allows for the addition of icon on the supported controls. Those icons could be any of the IconElements: <BitmapIcon />, <FontIcon />, <PathIcon />, or <SymbolIcon />.

Here are supported control with samples:

  • TextBox:

    <TextBox Style="{StaticResource MaterialFilledTextBoxStyle}">
            <SymbolIcon Symbol="SolidStar" />
  • ComboBox:

    <ComboBox Style="{StaticResource MaterialComboBoxStyle}">
            <SymbolIcon Symbol="SolidStar" />

Alternate Content

This feature allows putting different content on a control when the state changes. It's control specific and for now, you can only use it with the ToggleButton control.

Alternate Content on ToggleButton

<ToggleButton Style="{StaticResource MaterialToggleButtonIconStyle}">
    <!-- This is the default content - which is when the control state is UNCHECKED (the default value of a ToggleButton) -->
    <PathIcon Data="{StaticResource Icon_more_horizontal}" />

    <!-- This is the alternate content - which is when the control state is CHECKED -->
        <PathIcon Data="{StaticResource Icon_more_vertical}" />


This feature allows to set the level of elevation to depict on the supported control.

Setting the elevation on supported controls can result in changes to both the shadow and the surface tint.

Material Design Elevation Guidance

Surface Tint

The surface tint properties allow for customization of how elevation can be depicted on certain controls. While the Background of a control remains static, the surface color can change based on the level of elevation.


This is a readonly property that will provide a SolidColorBrush depicting the control's current background color overlayed with the surface tint color at a certain opacity based on the elevation of the control.


This feature allows for enabling or disabling the surface tint that may be applied to an elevated control. When IsTintEnabled is false, the TintedBackground property will remain the same value as the control's background color.

Example Usage for Button

The ElevatedButtonStyle in Uno Material supports elevation and surface tints through the use of the TintedBackground, IsTintEnabled, and Elevation attached properties.

ElevatedButtonStyle contains the following Setters:


<Setter Property="um:ControlExtensions.Elevation"
        Value="1" />
<Setter Property="um:ControlExtensions.IsTintEnabled"
        Value="True" />

Within the ControlTemplate of the ElevatedButtonStyle, instead of performing a TemplateBinding to the Background property of the Button, we instead bind to the TintedBackground attached property:

<Grid x:Name="Root"
      Background="{Binding Path=(um:ControlExtensions.TintedBackground), RelativeSource={RelativeSource TemplatedParent}}">
      <!-- Remaining content omitted for brevity -->

Applying the surface tint for elevated controls is optional and must be explicitly enabled through the use of the IsTintEnabled attached property. Below is an example of how an elevated control may appear with or without a surface tint:

<StackPanel Spacing="8">
    <Button Content="Elevation 0"
            Style="{StaticResource MaterialElevatedButtonStyle}" />
    <Button Content="Elevation 1"
            Style="{StaticResource MaterialElevatedButtonStyle}" />
    <Button Content="Elevation 2"
            Style="{StaticResource MaterialElevatedButtonStyle}" />
    <Button Content="Elevation 3"
            Style="{StaticResource MaterialElevatedButtonStyle}" />
    <Button Content="Elevation 4"
            Style="{StaticResource MaterialElevatedButtonStyle}" />
    <Button Content="Elevation 5"
            Style="{StaticResource MaterialElevatedButtonStyle}" />

The above XAML will produce the following result:

Uno Material Elevation Buttons with Tint Enabled

If we were to alter the XAML above and set um:ControlExtensions.IsTintEnabled="False" on each of the buttons, we would see elevated buttons without tints:

Uno Material Elevation Buttons with Tint Disabled

Supported Controls

The following control styles have support for surface tint:

Control Supporting Styles
Button ElevatedButtonStyle