StatusBar Extensions

Provides two attached properties on Page to control the visuals of the status bar on mobile platforms.


The attached properties do nothing on platforms other than iOS and Android. For iOS, UIViewControllerBasedStatusBarAppearance should be set to false in info.plist.

Attached Properties

Property Type Description
Foreground StatusBarForegroundTheme* Sets the foreground color for the text and icons on the status bar. Possible values are: None, Light, Dark, Auto or AutoInverse.
Background Brush Sets the background color for the status bar.
note: Due to platform limitations, only SolidColorBrushes are accepted.

StatusBarForegroundTheme*: Auto and AutoInverse will set the foreground in accordance to the theme, and update itself when the system theme or the app theme changes:

  • Auto: light/white in the dark mode, and dark/black in the light mode
  • AutoInverse: dark/black in the dark mode, and light/white in the light mode


<Page ...
      utu:StatusBar.Background="SkyBlue" />