Debugging and contributing to the Uno WebAssembly Bootstrapper

The src/Uno.Wasm.Bootstrap.sln solution is a good way to build the bootstrapper itself, as well as sample solutions that validate the different features of the bootstrapper.

Debugging in Visual Studio for Windows

  • Select a sample application, such as the Uno.Wasm.Sample project, and press Ctrl+F5 or run without debugger.
  • The bootstrapper will be built as part of the process, and will generate a new webassembly site layout.
  • Once the application has built, it will run in the selected browser in the Visual Studio debug location toolbar

Some tips:

  • If you make modifications to the Uno.Wasm.Bootstrap, you may have to terminate all msbuild.exe processes, as they may lock files of that project.
  • If you make modifications to the Uno.Wasm.Bootstrap.Cli project, you may have to terminate the dotnet.exe processes that link to your solution's subfolders, as they may lock files of that project.

Once the processes have been terminated, restart your build.

Debugging the bootstrapper task can be done by adding a Debugger.Launch() statement in the Run method of ShellTask.cs.

Testing the bootstrapper through GitPod

You can also make contributions through GitPod, and validate that your changes are appropriate.

Building and debugging samples is done through the command line.

  1. Build a sample using :
    cd src/Uno.Wasm.Sample
    msbuild /r /bl
  2. Start the web server to serve the sample on port 8000:
    cd bin/Debug/net5.0/dist
  3. The GitPod IDE will open a preview window with the content of the site. You may need to open the browser debugger window to see the results of the sample's execution.

Click on the button below to try this out!

Open in Gitpod

Overriding the .NET WebAssembly SDK build

The msbuild property NetCoreWasmSDKUri allow the override of the default SDK path. The path can be a local file or remote file.

To select a different sdk build:

  • For net5 projects:
    • Generate a build from the project
    • Copy the uri or local zip file path to the NetCoreWasmSDKUri property

Note that override properties require a zip file as the source, not an uncompressed folder.