This article covers Uno-specific information for the Windows.ApplicationModel.Contacts namespace. For a full description of the feature and instructions on using it, see Windows.ApplicationModel.Contacts Namespace.

  • The Windows.ApplicationModel.Contacts.ContactPicker namespace provides classes for picking contacts from the OS contact store.


The ContactPicker class allows picking contacts from the OS contact store.

To check whether the class is supported on the target platform, use IsSupportedAsync() method:

if (await ContactPicker.IsSupportedAsync())
    // you can use ContactPicker

To pick contacts, call either the PickContactAsync() or PickContactsAsync() method. Uno Platform supports picking multiple contacts on Windows, iOS, WebAssembly, and Tizen. On Android, we currently support picking a single contact only (for simplicity, the PickContactsAsync() method can still be called, but will still let the user pick only a single contact).



Your app must declare android.permission.READ_CONTACTS permission:

[assembly: UsesPermission("android.permission.READ_CONTACTS")]


Your app must declare and permissions in the app manifest: