Uno Support for Windows.Devices.Enumeration

Device enumeration is partially supported in Uno Platform. It currently supports enumerating the following device classes:

  • MIDI input devices
  • MIDI output devices

To enumerate devices of a given class, please use the respective GetDeviceSelector() method, for example: MidiInPort.GetDeviceSelector().

For contributors

To add support for a new device class, several steps are required:

  1. Add the device class GUID to Uno.Devices.Enumeration.Internal.DeviceClassGuids. You can discover the GUID by reading the GetDeviceSelector methods output.
  2. Add provider implementations to Uno.UWP\Devices\Enumeration\Internal\Providers. The providers must implement IDeviceClassProvider.
  3. Add the provider classes to DeviceInformation.providers partial classes in Uno.UWP\Devices\Enumeration.