Device Information


This article covers Uno-specific information for the Windows.System.Profile namespace. For a full description of the feature and instructions on using it, see Windows.System.Profile Namespace.

  • The Windows.System.Profile namespace provides classes for accessing and managing information about the device.


DeviceForm property

The DeviceForm property now returns string from the following set:

  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Television
  • Car
  • Watch
  • VirtualReality
  • Desktop
  • Unknown

In the case of WebAssembly, this property currently always returns Unknown as there is no reliable way to check for device form factor via JavaScript.


This string is in the form of OSType.DeviceForm where OSType is:

  • Android - Android
  • iOS/iPadOS - iOS
  • WASM - Browser


This returns the "OS version" the app is running on. Values are the following:

  • Android - Build.VERSION.Release
  • iOS - UIDevice.CurrentDevice.SystemVersion
  • WASM - returns the full user agent string (navigator.userAgent)

On WASM, the userAgent can easily be spoofed by malicious users.