Uno Support for Windows.System.UserProfile APIs


The functionality of this class is available only on Android. On other platforms the IsSupported() method always returns false.

To be able to set wallpaper and lock screen image, add the following permission to the Android project head:

[assembly: UsesPermission("android.permission.SET_WALLPAPER")]

To set the wallpaper, use the following code snippet:

using Windows.System.UserProfile;

private async Task<bool> SetWallpaperAsync(StorageFile imageFile) 
    var success = false;
    if (UserProfilePersonalizationSettings.IsSupported())
        var profileSettings = UserProfilePersonalizationSettings.Current;
        success = await profileSettings.TrySetWallpaperImageAsync(file);
    return success;

Analogously for TrySetLockScreenImageAsync.