Uno Platform supports storyboarded animations. A number of animation types are supported, including DoubleAnimation, ColorAnimation, and key frame-based animations.

General guidelines

As of 1.43.1:

  1. GPU-bound animations are supported for the following properties:
    • Opacity
    • RenderTransform of type TranslateTransform, RotateTransform, ScaleTransform, or CompositeTransform. Transforms cannot be part of a TransformGroup.
  2. When animating a Transform, you can animate only one property at a time (i.e. CompositeTransform.TranslateX or CompositeTransform.TranslateY),
  3. You cannot reuse a Transform or an Animation declared in resources on multiple controls (instead you have to put your animation in a Template)
  4. By default on iOS, Android and WASM, controls are clipped by their parent. On iOS you can set the flag Uno.UI.FeatureConfiguration.UIElement.UseLegacyClipping = false to get the Windows behavior.