Get Started on JetBrains Rider


Check your environment

  1. Open a command-line prompt, Windows Terminal if you have it installed, or else Command Prompt or Windows Powershell from the Start menu.

  2. Setup uno.check by:

    • Installing the tool:

      dotnet tool install -g uno.check
    • Updating the tool, if you previously installed it:

      dotnet tool update -g uno.check
  3. Run the tool from the command prompt with the following command:

  4. Follow the instructions indicated by the tool.

You can find additional information about uno-check here.

Supported Platforms

Rider for Linux Rider for Mac Rider for Windows
Windows (UWP/WinUI) ✔️
Android ❌† ✔️ ✔️
iOS ✔️ ✔️†
Wasm ✔️† ✔️† ✔️†
Catalyst ✔️
Skia-GTK (Linux) ✔️ ✔️† ✔️
Skia-WPF ✔️
† Notes (Click to expand)

Platform specific setup

You may need to follow additional directions, depending on your development environment.

In order to run Skia+GTK heads, you will need to make sure to install the GTK3 runtime.


Once the GTK3 runtime is installed, you will need restart your IDE for the changes to take effect.

To install on CI using Azure Pipelines, use the following step:

  - powershell: |
        $source = ""
        $destination = "gtk3-runtime.exe"
        Invoke-WebRequest $source -OutFile $destination
        Start-Process -FilePath "gtk3-runtime.exe" -Wait -PassThru -ArgumentList /S
        Write-Host "##vso[task.setvariable variable=PATH;]${env:PATH};C:\Program Files\GTK3-Runtime Win64\bin";

    displayName: Install GTK3 runtime

Next Steps

You're all set! You can create your first Uno Platform app.