Supported platforms

Uno Platform applications run on Android, iOS, web, macOS, Linux, Tizen, and Windows.

See below for minimum supported versions for each platform.


Uno Platform apps run on devices running Android 5 and above.

At compile time, Uno typically supports two versions of the Android SDK, the latest and the immediately previous. At present, this is Android 11 and Android 10. It's generally recommended to use the latest version of the SDK. (Note that this does not affect the runtime version - apps compiled with Android 11 will run happily on devices running Android 5.)


Uno Platform apps run on iOS 8 and above.


Uno Platform runs in browsers that support WebAssembly, including Chrome, Edge, Edge Dev, Opera, Firefox and Safari. Desktop and mobile browser versions are supported. See the official WebAssembly site for more details.


Uno Platform applications run on all macOS versions supported by Xamarin.Mac - currently macOS 10.13 and above.


Uno Platform applications run on Linux distributions and versions where .NET 5 is supported, listed here.


Applications built with UWP run on Windows 10. Currently Uno.UI's API definition is aligned with Windows 10 2004 (19041), but lower versions can be targeted.

Applications built with Uno.UI's Skia.WPF support run on Windows 7 and above.