PasswordBox : Control (UWP) TextBox (Android/iOS/WASM/MacOS)

Implemented for: all platforms

This document lists all properties, methods, and events of PasswordBox that are currently implemented by the Uno Platform. See the UWP documentation for detailed usage guidelines.

Implemented properties

Property Supported on
string Password all platforms
int MaxLength all platforms
bool IsPasswordRevealButtonEnabled all platforms
bool PreventKeyboardDisplayOnProgrammaticFocus Android
string PlaceholderText all platforms
DataTemplate HeaderTemplate all platforms
object Header all platforms
InputScope InputScope all platforms
object Description all platforms
DependencyProperty IsPasswordRevealButtonEnabledProperty all platforms
DependencyProperty MaxLengthProperty all platforms
DependencyProperty PasswordProperty all platforms
DependencyProperty HeaderProperty all platforms
DependencyProperty HeaderTemplateProperty all platforms
DependencyProperty PlaceholderTextProperty all platforms
DependencyProperty PreventKeyboardDisplayOnProgrammaticFocusProperty Android
DependencyProperty InputScopeProperty all platforms
DependencyProperty PasswordRevealModeProperty all platforms
DependencyProperty DescriptionProperty all platforms

Implemented methods

Method Supported on
void SelectAll() all platforms

Implemented events

Event Supported on
RoutedEventHandler PasswordChanged all platforms

Below are all properties, methods, and events of PasswordBox that are not currently implemented in Uno.

Not implemented properties

Property Not supported on
string PasswordChar all platforms
SolidColorBrush SelectionHighlightColor all platforms
bool PreventKeyboardDisplayOnProgrammaticFocus iOS, MacOS, WASM, Skia
TextReadingOrder TextReadingOrder all platforms
PasswordRevealMode PasswordRevealMode all platforms
FlyoutBase SelectionFlyout all platforms
bool CanPasteClipboardContent all platforms
DependencyProperty PasswordCharProperty all platforms
DependencyProperty PreventKeyboardDisplayOnProgrammaticFocusProperty iOS, MacOS, WASM, Skia
DependencyProperty SelectionHighlightColorProperty all platforms
DependencyProperty TextReadingOrderProperty all platforms
DependencyProperty CanPasteClipboardContentProperty all platforms
DependencyProperty SelectionFlyoutProperty all platforms

Not implemented methods

Method Not supported on
void PasteFromClipboard() all platforms

Not implemented events

Event Not supported on
ContextMenuOpeningEventHandler ContextMenuOpening all platforms
TextControlPasteEventHandler Paste all platforms
TypedEventHandler<PasswordBox, PasswordBoxPasswordChangingEventArgs> PasswordChanging all platforms

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