ScrollContentPresenter : ContentPresenter

Implemented for: all platforms

This document lists all properties, methods, and events of ScrollContentPresenter that are currently implemented by the Uno Platform. See the UWP documentation for detailed usage guidelines.

Implemented properties

Property Supported on
object ScrollOwner all platforms
bool CanVerticallyScroll all platforms
bool CanHorizontallyScroll all platforms
double ExtentHeight all platforms
double ExtentWidth all platforms
double HorizontalOffset MacOS, WASM, Skia
double VerticalOffset MacOS, WASM, Skia
double ViewportHeight all platforms
double ViewportWidth all platforms

Implemented methods

Method Supported on
void SetHorizontalOffset(double) MacOS, Skia
void SetVerticalOffset(double) MacOS, Skia
Rect MakeVisible(UIElement, Rect) Android, iOS

Below are all properties, methods, and events of ScrollContentPresenter that are not currently implemented in Uno.

Not implemented properties

Property Not supported on
double HorizontalOffset Android, iOS
double VerticalOffset Android, iOS
bool SizesContentToTemplatedParent all platforms
bool CanContentRenderOutsideBounds all platforms
DependencyProperty CanContentRenderOutsideBoundsProperty all platforms
DependencyProperty SizesContentToTemplatedParentProperty all platforms

Not implemented methods

Method Not supported on
void LineUp() all platforms
void LineDown() all platforms
void LineLeft() all platforms
void LineRight() all platforms
void PageUp() all platforms
void PageDown() all platforms
void PageLeft() all platforms
void PageRight() all platforms
void MouseWheelUp() all platforms
void MouseWheelDown() all platforms
void MouseWheelLeft() all platforms
void MouseWheelRight() all platforms
void SetHorizontalOffset(double) Android, iOS, WASM
void SetVerticalOffset(double) Android, iOS, WASM
Rect MakeVisible(UIElement, Rect) MacOS, WASM, Skia

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