TreeView : Control (UWP) Object (Android/iOS/WASM/MacOS)

Implemented for: all platforms

This document lists all properties, methods, and events of TreeView that are currently implemented by the Uno Platform. See the UWP documentation for detailed usage guidelines.

Below are all properties, methods, and events of TreeView that are not currently implemented in Uno.

Not implemented properties

Property Not supported on
TreeViewSelectionMode SelectionMode all platforms
IList RootNodes all platforms
IList SelectedNodes all platforms
object ItemsSource all platforms
DataTemplateSelector ItemTemplateSelector all platforms
DataTemplate ItemTemplate all platforms
TransitionCollection ItemContainerTransitions all platforms
StyleSelector ItemContainerStyleSelector all platforms
Style ItemContainerStyle all platforms
bool CanReorderItems all platforms
bool CanDragItems all platforms
DependencyProperty SelectionModeProperty all platforms
DependencyProperty CanDragItemsProperty all platforms
DependencyProperty CanReorderItemsProperty all platforms
DependencyProperty ItemContainerStyleProperty all platforms
DependencyProperty ItemContainerStyleSelectorProperty all platforms
DependencyProperty ItemContainerTransitionsProperty all platforms
DependencyProperty ItemTemplateProperty all platforms
DependencyProperty ItemTemplateSelectorProperty all platforms
DependencyProperty ItemsSourceProperty all platforms

Not implemented methods

Method Not supported on
void Expand(TreeViewNode) all platforms
void Collapse(TreeViewNode) all platforms
void SelectAll() all platforms
TreeViewNode NodeFromContainer(DependencyObject) all platforms
DependencyObject ContainerFromNode(TreeViewNode) all platforms
object ItemFromContainer(DependencyObject) all platforms
DependencyObject ContainerFromItem(object) all platforms

Not implemented events

Event Not supported on
TypedEventHandler<TreeView, TreeViewCollapsedEventArgs> Collapsed all platforms
TypedEventHandler<TreeView, TreeViewExpandingEventArgs> Expanding all platforms
TypedEventHandler<TreeView, TreeViewItemInvokedEventArgs> ItemInvoked all platforms
TypedEventHandler<TreeView, TreeViewDragItemsCompletedEventArgs> DragItemsCompleted all platforms
TypedEventHandler<TreeView, TreeViewDragItemsStartingEventArgs> DragItemsStarting all platforms

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