.NET version support

This page lists supported .NET versions and C# language versions for different target platforms.

Table of supported versions

Platform Default .NET version Default C# version Max .NET version Max C# version
WebAssembly .NET 7 11 .NET 8 12
Skia (Gtk, Framebufffer, WPF) .NET 7 11 .NET 8 12
WinAppSDK .NET 7 11 .NET 8 12
iOS, macOS, Android, Catalyst (.NET Core) .NET 7 11 .NET 8 12
UWP .NET Standard 2.0 7.3 .NET Standard 2.0 7.3


In Uno 5.0, support for .NET 6 (iOS, Android, mac Catalyst), Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin.macOS was removed.

For UWP, it is possible force a higher version of C# using LangVersion in the platform csproj (eg <LangVersion>12.0</LangVersion>), but some language features may not work properly, such as those that depend on compiler-checked types (eg array slicing, init-only properties) or on runtime support (eg default interface implementations). Using PolySharp can help enabling some more recent C# features.