Uno Platform Features

Development Flow

  • Uno Platform's WinUI/UWP XAML
    • Windows-first development
    • Faster compilation for most of the development cycle, including UI code. iOS, Android, WebAssembly, macOS and Linux can be tested for platform-specific features.
    • Ability to develop responsive layout in Windowed mode using Windows 10.
    • Allows for edit and continue support from VS2017+
    • Allows for UI and Non-UI code edit and continue support
  • Conditional platform features access
    • All XAML controls have access to native properties through conditional XAML
    • Ability to add native controls in XAML
  • Full WinUI/UWP availability at compile time
    • Allows for the compilation of open-source libraries that depend only on WinUI/UWP and multi-targeted nuget packages
      • XamlBehaviors library support
  • macOS Compilation

Features List


  • Animations on any DependencyProperty and AttachedProperty
  • Visual States (declared animations, advanced setters)
  • Visual State Groups (multi-state controls)
  • StateTriggers (Orientation-based responsive design)
  • Custom StateTriggers (e.g network state-based states)
  • XAML-defined animation storyboards
  • Binding expressions to Attached properties (Storyboard setters)


  • Attached Property Style binding (advanced styling, control reuse)
  • Control templating (without the need of renderers) (control reuse, white-labeling)
  • TemplateBinding (control reuse)

Data Binding

  • Value Precedence
  • Inheritance
  • Mode
  • Trigger
  • x:Bind with support functions
  • Converters
  • Attached Properties binding
  • RelativeSource.Self

Design Fidelity

  • Text Inlines Binding
  • Text Independent trimming and wrapping
  • Text Character Spacing
  • Text Spans (Bold, Italic, Underline)
  • Path & Shapes support
  • Updatable Shapes support
  • Image Brush support in shapes
  • FontIcon support
  • Merged Dictionary support

Responsive Design

  • Layout constraints [Min/Max][Width/Height]
  • Binding SourceTriggers (TextBox immediate vs. focus lost interactions)
  • DependencyProperty Inheritance (Color, text style propagation)

Runtime Performance

  • CoreDispatcher Priority support (Large UIs performance)
  • x:DeferLoadStrategy="Lazy", x:Load="false" and `x:Load="{x:Bind ...}" support (responsive design performance)
  • Image explicit size support (performance)
  • Event tracing (sub-millisecond ETL performance profiling)
  • Internal logging
  • Reflection-less bindings (complex UI performance)
  • Binding suspension and restoration
  • Expando Binding
  • DynamicObject Binding
  • DataTemplate and ControlTemplate reuse, pooling, and prefetching


  • Selector
  • Any ItemsPanel support
  • ItemsStackPanel
  • ItemsWrapGrid
  • Group sticky headers
  • Group collection tracking
  • Variable item size
  • Snap points (with ScrollIntoView support)
  • ISupportIncrementalLoading support
  • ICollectionView support with SelectedItem

Command Bar

  • WinUI/UWP Command bar support
  • Native Command bar support (Image, title, back, Opacity, ...)
  • Global back button support


  • SolidColorBrush
  • ImageBrush
  • LinearGradientBrush, with animations support.
  • Local assets support with automatic conversion from UWP conventions


  • Native property access from any XAML control
  • Localization for any property via x:Uid, using scoped or unscoped .resw files (Size localization)
  • FocusManager (advanced large forms navigation, dynamic UIs)
  • Advanced WebView support (scripting, scrolling, string, custom agent)
  • Automatic asset generation from UWP assets
  • Native element embedding
  • Panels (Grid, StackPanel with Spacing, RelativePanel, Canvas)
  • Custom Panels
  • Popups/Dialogs
  • Work with the usual Windows tooling
  • Animations
    • Easing functions
    • UWP Theme Transitions
    • Entrance animations
  • XAML Behaviors
  • AttachedProperty Binding
  • AttachedProperty Styling
  • Custom MarkupExtension support
  • Brightness Control
  • Native and Custom dialogs
  • Support for StateTriggers
  • ProgressBar
  • Pointer Events
  • Routed Events
  • GeneralTransform.TransformBounds
  • Window.Services.Store (Store ID and links)
  • Windows.ApplicationModel.Package (InstallDate)
  • ApplicationData.LocalSettings and RoamingSettings support
  • Windows.UI.ViewManagement.ApplicationView.VisibleBounds (Rounded corner/notched screen support) - SimpleOrientationSensor
  • ApplicationData Folders
  • ScrollViewer Snap Points, Extent, Viewport Properties
  • ScrollViewer MakeVisible, BringIntoView
  • InputPane (Occlusion, Visibility, Events, ...)
  • Pointer Capture
  • Slider
  • FlipView
  • Customizable Date and Time Pickers
  • Orientation management
  • Accessibility (Font Scaling, screen readers)
  • Xamarin UITest support and full Dependency Property access
  • StatusBar management (occlusion, color, events)
  • Runtime XAML reader
  • Phased binding (x:Phase)
  • XAML code-behind event registration
  • WriteableBitmap
  • NavigationView
  • BitmapIcon
  • MediaPlayer
  • ViewBox
  • PersonPicture
  • ScrollBar

WinUI Specific Controls (Pre 3.0)

Non-UI Features

  • Windows.UI.Storage (StorageFile, StorageFolder, Settings)
  • Windows.UI.Application
  • Windows.UI.CoreDispatcher
    • UI Priority dispatch
  • Windows.Graphics.Display.DisplayInformation orientation
  • Windows.Media.SpeechRecognition
  • Windows.Media.Capture.CameraCaptureUI