Downloads & Tools


Both the web and desktop versions of Figma can be used to generate code using the Uno Platform Figma Plugin.

Follow the Setup tutorial to create and account and get it working.

Uno Toolkit for Figma Document

The starting point is to duplicate the Uno Toolkit for Figma document.

Duplicate the Uno Platform Material Toolkit from the Figma Community.

Uno Platform Plugin

To start generating XAML from the document, the Uno Platform Plugin is required.

It can be installed directly from the Figma Community using this URL: Uno Platform Figma Plugin.

External 3rd Party Tools

Some 3rd party tools could be used to enhance the experience. However, they are not necessary.

Atlas Theme Manager Plugin

The Atlas Theme Manager Plugin is a 3rd party plugin that can be useful for previewing light & dark colors directly on the Figma canvas.

Material Theme Builder Website

Generate theme colors using the Material Theme Builder tool.