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Uno.Extensions is a series of NuGet packages designed to encapsulate common functions when building multi-platform mobile, desktop, and web applications using Uno Platform. Thoughtfully designed components and features retain easy extensibility and customization while providing a solid foundation for your application.

The Uno.Extensions follows the Microsoft.Extensions model that creates a host environment where you can register additional dependencies. The registered dependencies are then available throughout the application via the Services (IServiceProvider) property on the IHost instance.

Learn about Uno.Extensions features

Alongside Uno, the app template references a lineup of battle-tested packages providing key features. The resources below are available to help you get started with them in your project.

Feature Description
Authentication The Uno.Extensions.Authentication package provides authentication services.
Configuration The Uno.Extensions.Configuration package provides a way to configure an application based on a list of name-value pairs.
Dependency injection The Uno.Extensions.DependencyInjection package provides a simple and lightweight dependency injection system for .NET.
Http The Uno.Extensions.Http package provides configuration for native Http handlers and registration of endpoints.
Localization The Uno.Extensions.Localization package provides access to localizable resources.
Logging The Uno.Extensions.Logging package provides a way to log messages to a variety of output targets.
Navigation The Uno.Extensions.Navigation package provides a routing framework for navigation.
Reactive The Uno.Extensions.Reactive package provides a development framework for reactive applications.
Serialization The Uno.Extensions.Serialization package provides helpers for JSON serialization.
Validation The Uno.Extensions.Validation package provides support for data validation.

To view more detailed information about the specific APIs leveraged in each topic, expand the Reference section in the navigation pane.