If you have already completed the tutorial? and you’re now ready to build your own app or library, or just want to learn more, these resources will help you on your way.

The Uno Platform brings Microsoft's WinUI framework to Android, iOS, macOS, Mac Catalyst, Linux, and WebAssembly. The wealth of official Microsoft documentation on the WinUI framework is a great place to start, particularly if you've never used WinUI or XAML before.

Some additional resources:

Free & paid tutorials, courses, and guided pathways for getting started with Uno Platform

Syncfusion - Uno Platform Succinctly

Syncfusion supports Uno Platform to two of its most popular UWP controls —DataGrid and Charts, published Uno Platform Succinctly. A free eBook that will take you from setting up your first Uno project in Visual Studio to a fully functioning single-page application.

Udemy – Introduction to Uno Platform

Christian Findlay developed a great video tutorial to get you started with Uno Platform course on Udemy. The course walks you through a simple UI scenario and shows you how to build a single-source app for iOS, Android, Browser, and macOS.  Uno Platform course on Udemy

Skye Hoefling – Getting Started with Uno Platform

Microsoft MVP Skye Hoefling put together Uno Platform: Getting Started Series, a compilation of 8 great blogs covering the basics you need to get started with Uno Platform.

  1. Uno Platform Getting Started with New Projects

  2. Uno Platform View Stack Navigation

  3. Uno Platform Tabbed Pages with the Command Bar

  4. Platform Specific XAML in Uno Platform

  5. Platform Specific C# in Uno Platform

  6. MVVM and Dependency Injection in Uno Platform

  7. ViewModelLocator for MVVM applications in Uno Platform

  8. Uno Platform WASM Invoke JavaScript

Skye is also currently writing a book on Uno Platform; we will add it here upon publication.

XAML Fundamentals for Web and Mobile

Any UWP/WinUI/XAML material is a great starting point as all we do is take that over the Uno bridge. To that point, one Uno contributor and Microsoft MVP, Nick Randolph has been revitalizing older XAML resources on his .NET Travels blog. Uno Platform will be continuing the series on our blog.

Microsoft blogs on Uno Platform

Building a Todo App with Uno Platform

Steven Giesel. recently explored the in’s and out of Uno Platform and in turn documented his experience with a great blog series that dives further into What is Uno Platform and how to build a multi-platform Todo App.

Pluralsight - Uno Platform Fundamentals

If you already have a subscription to Pluralsight, you can find our Uno Platform Fundamentals course. By the end of the course, you will have created your first Uno solution in Visual Studio and you’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to build multi-platform apps with Uno Platform.

If you’re not subscribed, you can still watch it with a 30-day trial.

The course covers:

  • What is Uno Platform
  • How to build a user interface in XAML
  • How to apply the MVVM pattern
  • How to adapt your user interface to different screen sizes
  • How to write platform-specific code
  • How to connect your application to a data source to load data

Packt - Creating Cross-Platform C# Applications with Uno Platform

Creating Cross-Platform C# Applications with Uno Platform By Matt Lacey & Marcel Alexander Wagner is a helpful guide packed with tips and practical examples to help you build applications for common scenarios. It’s available on Packt as well as Amazon.ca/.com

Advanced Resources

Raspberry Pi

If you are looking to bring your cross-platform apps to Raspberry Pi with Uno Platform, Peter Gallagher wrote an article to help you get started or try our getting started with Raspberry Pi documentation.

Uno Platform Resources

Uno Team Community Support

If you have a question about Uno Platform that others might benefit from, post it on Uno Platform GitHub discussions or If you think you've encountered a bug (e.g. something works on WinAppSDK or UWP but not on another platform), check for an existing issue on GitHub and create one if none exists. We don't like bugs, but we do like bug reports!

For more chat-like troubleshooting, visit the Uno Platform team and the Uno community on our Discord Channel #uno-platform. Both have our engineering team monitoring discussions and answering questions.

Official Documentation

Our Uno Platform Documentations page is always a great reference point when looking for additional information. We are continuously publishing documentation covering everything from getting started, migration, components, tutorials, troubleshooting, and even contributing. To find out more about cross-platform development with Uno, consult the rest of the docs here, including a list of supported features and general development tips.

Uno Platform YouTube

The Uno Platform YouTube channel is also a great source for learning. On top of publishing tutorials and demos, we also have weekly live coding sessions that tackle different areas of Uno Platform.

Uno Platform Blog

Check out some code examples

  • The Uno Gallery and Playground showcases many of the UI controls supported by Uno.

  • For those who wish to learn from real-life code, you can use the Ch9 sample app (source code and real-world app) it uses the publicly available video feed from Microsoft's Channel 9 for content.

  • With Uno Calculator we took Microsoft's open-sourced Windows 10 Calculator, ported it to C#, and put it on Android, iOS, WebAssembly, macOS, and Linux. Check out all the code here.

  • Uno Azure DevOps (UADO) is our reference app, built from the ground up for Uno. Uno Platform Workshop - In this workshop, you will learn by creating a real-world mobile & web app using Uno Platform. The workshop covers: The philosophy behind Uno development, Tooling, and component ecosystem, creating rich and responsive UI, and Interoperability with native code. And of course, we will show how to contribute to the Uno Platform itself.

We're excited for you to join the Uno Platform community, if you're ready to contribute to Uno Platform, great! Check out our guides on building Uno and creating UI samples. Knowledge of working with GitHub and Forks, Pull and Push requests is desirable.

To learn more about Forks please see the official GitHub documentation. GitHub - Forks.