Tube Player Workshop

The objective of the Tube Player workshop is to create a simple Uno Platform application that enables the user to search for, and stream, YouTube videos.

The application will be made up of a starting search page, that will accept user input in a search box and display matched results from YouTube, and a player page, which will contain a media player, that will stream the video selected on the search page.

This workshop will help guide you through setting up your developer environment for developing Uno Platform applications. By the end of the workshop, you'll have built a multi-platform Uno Platform application using C# Markup and MVUX. You'll have the option to import the UI from Figma or follow along with the workshop material, to build the UI for the application. You'll also learn about the tools, libraries, and patterns available in the Uno Platform, that are there to help you rapidly build high-quality applications.

On completion of the workshop, you will have a working cross-platform TubePlayer app. Here's a screen recording of it (Android):

Completed TubePlayer app

This app was developed using Uno Platform and draws inspiration from Naweed Akram's MAUI project and Flutter project.

What you will learn

  • How to prepare your environment to build cross-platform apps with Uno Platform whether you're using Visual Studio (Windows) or Visual Studio Code (Windows or Mac).
  • How to create a new solution using the Uno Platform dotnet new template or the Uno Platform Template Wizard.
  • How to use the Uno Platform Figma plugin to generate your UI in C# Markup from this Figma file (optional).
  • How to build your app's presentation layer using C# Markup and Model-View-Update-eXtended (MVUX).
  • How to customize your app theme and override its theme colors by using either C# code imported from Figma, or by importing a custom DSP (Design System Package) color theme.
  • How to use remote APIs in your app using the Uno Platform Refit extension.
  • How to customize the app icon and its splashscreen.

This workshop has been set up to provide you with optional content to allow you to tailor the experience to your needs. You can choose to skip the Uno Figma Plugin module and obtain the UI code directly in the workshop.


  • A working understanding of C# & .NET.
  • A working understanding of Visual Studio 2022 (Windows) or Visual Studio Code.

Techniques and controls used in this workshop

The workshop utilizes the latest Uno Platform features, including:


Sample Application

You can refer to the fully implemented sample available as a reference application in the Uno.Samples repository

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