Themes Overview

Themes design systems


Uno Themes Styles

Uno Themes is the repository for add-ons NuGet packages that can be added to any new or existing Uno solution.

It contains three libraries:

  • Uno Themes: a library that contains the base resources, extensions, and helper classes for the different design system libraries
  • Uno Material: a library that contains styles following the Material 3 Design System
  • Uno Cupertino: a library that contains styles following the Human Interface Guidelines

Both Material and Cupertino libraries help you style your application with a few lines of code including:

  • Color system for both Light and Dark themes
  • Styles for existing WinUI controls like Buttons, TextBox, etc.

Fluent Controls Styles

Uno Platform 3.0 and above supports control styles conforming to the Fluent design system.