CommandBar : AppBar

Implemented for: all platforms

This document lists all properties, methods, and events of CommandBar that are currently implemented by the Uno Platform. See the UWP documentation for detailed usage guidelines.

CommandBar has Uno-specific documentation here.

Implemented properties

Property Supported on
IObservableVector PrimaryCommands all platforms
IObservableVector SecondaryCommands all platforms
Style CommandBarOverflowPresenterStyle all platforms
CommandBarTemplateSettings CommandBarTemplateSettings all platforms
bool IsDynamicOverflowEnabled all platforms
DependencyProperty PrimaryCommandsProperty all platforms
DependencyProperty SecondaryCommandsProperty all platforms
DependencyProperty DefaultLabelPositionProperty all platforms
DependencyProperty IsDynamicOverflowEnabledProperty all platforms
DependencyProperty OverflowButtonVisibilityProperty all platforms

Implemented events

Event Supported on
TypedEventHandler<CommandBar, DynamicOverflowItemsChangingEventArgs> DynamicOverflowItemsChanging all platforms

Below are all properties, methods, and events of CommandBar that are not currently implemented in Uno.

Not implemented properties

Property Not supported on
CommandBarOverflowButtonVisibility OverflowButtonVisibility all platforms
CommandBarDefaultLabelPosition DefaultLabelPosition all platforms
DependencyProperty CommandBarOverflowPresenterStyleProperty all platforms

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