Preview Tab

Using the Preview Tab

The Preview tab is a powerful tool to troubleshoot your design and spot issues before handoff.

Preview notes

  • Preview is dynamic, you can type into TextInputs, press buttons, and scroll through your design;
  • You can even use mock data (DataContext) to better test out your design and see the result bound to data;
  • Proper XAML generation depends on usage of the proper templates and components, please read the New design guidelines before starting a new project;
  • A contextual control at the bottom of the tab allow you to refresh view;
  • Preview does not allow navigation click through at the moment;
  • Placed images are not rendered but represented with place holder images of the corresponding dimensions;
  • Primitive shapes are not currently supported in preview.

Steps to use Preview tab

  1. Select the page or component you wish to preview;
  2. From Figma's Plugins menu select Uno Platform;
  3. Click the Preview tab (second one from the left);
  4. Click the Refresh button at the bottom of the tab.