Developing with Uno Platform

Write applications once in XAML and/or C# and deploy them to any target platform.

About Uno

Mastering the basics

The WinUI application API which Uno Platform uses is extensively documented by Microsoft. We've selected some articles from Microsoft which will jump-start your Uno Platform development.

Here are some articles which cover the basics of cross-platform Uno development:

WinUI features

These articles cover general WinUI features in Uno Platform, discussing what's supported and which platform-specific constraints exist.

WinUI controls

Uno Platform provides support for a large number of WinUI controls, panels, and visual primitives - see a complete list in the Reference documentation. The 'WinUI controls' section in the Table of Contents on the left covers platform-specific constraints and extensions for selected controls.

WinRT features (non-visual APIs)

Uno Platform supports a number of non-visual APIs from Windows Runtime namespaces on non-Windows platforms, like clipboard management and sensor access.

Features unique to Uno

Core functionality

Common development tasks

Debugging Uno Platform applications