Microsoft Build 2023 – Takeaways from Offline Sessions and Experience

đź•“ 7 MIN   At the end of May, I had the tremendous opportunity to attend Microsoft Build 2023, the premiere developer conference from Microsoft. This year it finally returned to a fully hybrid form, and I was lucky enough to be there in person in Seattle. While most of the sessions were aired live so everyone could […]

New Release: Media Player Element on Mobile, Web, Linux. WebView2 Support

đź•“ 5 MIN Uno Platform 4.9 release continues enhancing cross-platform development experiences and productivity. This release brings two highly anticipated features alongside over 100 other improvements. First and foremost, .NET developers can now get easy access to highly-requested MediaPlayerElement control which can be used across all supported platforms. Whether your target is iOS, Android, Web, Mac, Linux, or Windows itself, […]

Replicating a Dating App UI with .NET, Uno Platform and Figma

đź•“ 8 MIN If you want to streamline your workflow, improving the design-to-code process can help you focus on the code behind and get you to production quicker without compromising the beauty of your UI. Uno Platform and Figma are the perfect combinations to achieve a beautiful and pixel-perfect app while improving efficiency.  In this tutorial, we’ll guide […]

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