Uno Platform and Windows 7 Development

Research shows over 30% of developers still have business requirements to develop for Windows 7 past the end-of-life date (January, 2020). Also, desktop developers want to use modern WinUI for their future projects, which doesn’t work on Windows 7/Win32, creating a big challenge for developers.

If you have a need to run apps from Windows 10 and later on Windows 7 systems, Uno Platform can help.

We have partnered with Microsoft in order to help customers that wish to run their UWP applications and future Win UI application investments on Windows 7 as well.

How It Works under the hood

WinUI 3.0 will ship independently of Windows, allowing its features and capabilities to be used on in-market versions of Windows 10. As of today, with Uno Platform WinUI can also run on Windows 7, broadening its reach beyond UWP apps to traditional Win32 applications as well by utilizing WebAssembly.

When using Uno Platform to get your UWP/WinUI 3.0 and later apps on Windows 7 you now have THREE options for running your app on Windows 7:

1. Run your app as a PWA. Your Windows 7 will need Chrome installed on it.
2. Run your app on Chromium through Electron.
3. Use Uno Platform 3.0 supported Skia backend, that can be wrapped in a WPF shell so you can run natively on Windows 7 and outside of a browser context.

Get Started

To get started with Uno Platform we recommend using our official onboarding tutorial.