Uno Platform for Web / WebAssembly

For supporting building Web Applications, the Uno Platform relies on WebAssembly. In addition to producing a performant Web Application your code, both UI layer and business logic will also work on iOS, Android and Windows.

How It Works under the hood

Web Apps built with Uno Platform benefit from .net-industry-first AOT (Ahead-of-Time) compilation.

Your app is written in C# and XAML markup. At compile time, Uno Platform parses XAML files into C# code. Then, WebAssembly / .NET creates the information needed to build the app’s visual tree. Next, it implements a complete DataBinding engine optimized for static type-checking where possible. Lastly, it executes the views and controls in the WinUI / UWP framework, producing HTML / CSS needed for modern browsers to display.

Uno Platform Playground for WebAssembly

Seeing is believing. Run XAML samples from XAML Control gallery or some of your own code. You can even bind two way to Data Context.

Windows Calculator Running in Web Browser

By using Uno Platform we ported the open-sourced Windows Calculator (yes, the one that runs on your Windows machine right now) and ported it to Web using WebAssembly. Check it out below right from your browser. And before you ask, yes we have it running natively on iOS and Android ( Apple App StoreAndroid Play Store)

Get Started

To get started with Uno Platform we recommend using our official onboarding tutorial which walks you through building your first app in less than 5 minutes. Source code available!

Case Studies


Kahua used Uno Platform, WinUI 3 and Azure to build the business application platform of the future four times faster than anticipated.

The Kahua development team was able to reuse the code from its legacy application, as well as utilize 45+ controls from WinUI and Windows Community Toolkit as well as 3rd party controls by Syncfusion

“By combining Microsoft WinUI 3 and Uno Platform we are able to provide our customers with features, functionality and security that is simply unachievable with any other solution” – said Colin Whitlatch, CTO of Kahua.