Tube Player Workshop

Build a Seamless Uno Platform App for Searching and Streaming YouTube Videos

Multi-Platform Proficiency

Gain the ability to develop apps for desktop, mobile, and web using Uno platform, making you a versatile developer.

Flexible Devloop Choices

Experience  the latest Uno Platform features, including C# Markup and Model-View-Update eXtended (MVUX). 

Theme Customization

Learn to customize app themes and dynamically switch themes at runtime for enhanced user experience.

Workshop Learnings

Tube Player workshop offers a comprehensive learning experience that covers cross-platform development, UI design, architectural patterns, and API integration.

Preparing Your Environment
Get hands-on experience setting up your development environment for cross-platform app development using Uno Platform. Whether you prefer Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code, we've got you covered.
Creating a New Solution
Learn how to create a new solution using the Uno Platform Template Wizard or dotnet new template to set the foundation for your app.
Uno Platform Figma Plugin
Discover how to seamlessly generate your UI in C# markup with Uno Platform Figma plugin, adding a layer of efficiency to your development process.
Building the Presentation Layer
Dive into the model-view-update-extended (MVUX) architecture to construct your app's presentation layer. Gain insights into structuring your code for a robust and scalable application.
Integrating Remote APIs
Explore the integration of remote APIs into your app. Learn how to fetch and display data dynamically, keeping your content fresh and up to date.
Customizing your App
Personalize your app by delving into theme customization. Understand how to import a DSP file to override theme colors, giving your Tube Player a unique and eye-catching look.

Get Started with
Tube Player Workshop

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Additional Learning Resources

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