Free and Paid support is available from our core engineering team.


Stack Overflow is your first stop for getting Uno Questions answered. It is best suited for “How do I ____ with Uno Platform” type of questions.

By asking questions on Stack Overflow and using “Uno Platform” tag you are helping our team to scale better and to create a knowledge base of commonly asked questions which can be easily found and referenced by others.

Ask a Stack Overflow question.

Discord - #uno-platform channel is meant for Uno-Platform contributors and those using Uno Platform ‘dev’ release.

It is more conversational and real-time meant for troubleshooting dependant projects.

If a commonly asked question is asked on Discord we try to redirect it to Stack Overflow.

Join the conversation.

We manage our backlog and roadmap in GitHub.

By filing your issues on GitHub you are helping your issue get prioritized faster and more easily.

File an issue.

For organizations that want a deeper level of support beyond our community support on StackOverflow and Discord, we offer several options depending on your team size and project needs.

Professional Support contract  is a shared responsibility for your project success. Our engineering team will collaborate with you to ensure the success of your projects and address your GitHub issues faster.

Contact us for more details.