Visual Studio Extension for Uno Platform Development

Develop Uno Platform applications in your favorite IDE.

The Most Productive DevLoop

Code, build, debug and deploy single-codebase multiplatform applications without ever leaving the comfort of Windows and Visual Studio.
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XAML Hot Reload
Available on iOS, Android and WebAssembly the XAML Hot reload allows you to modify the XAML displayed in a running application, in order to iterate faster on UI changes and Data Binding updates.
Edit & Continue
Uno Platform also offers support for XAML edit and continue, which lets you to i.e. edit the code, set new properties or add new code and run, without having to restart the program.
Edit and Continue
Using C# Edit and Continue enables you to make changes to your source code while your program is in break mode, allowing you to debug in live session as opposed to recompiling the entire project.
Works with all your other favorite Visual Studio Extensions
Your existing Visual Studio enhancers such as extra settings, features, or tools like ReSharper or IntelliCode work seamlessly with our extension.

Download Free Visual Studio Plugin

Uno Platform plugin for Visual Studio is available at Visual Studio Marketplace.