Visual Studio for
Uno Platform Development

Develop Uno Platform applications in your favorite IDE. Code, build, debug and
deploy single-codebase multiplatform applications without ever leaving the
comfort of Windows and Visual Studio.
Familiar IDE & Features
Maintain pixel-perfect control over where pixels go while having a choice of developing platform-specific or custom UI
C# and XAML Hot Reload
Build beautiful UI on top of native UI frameworks for fast and performant apps.
Figma Integration
Easy design-to-developer handoff, combined with Hot Reload makes for delightful devloop.
Reuse UI Controls
Reuse hundreds of WinUI, Windows Community Toolkit or Uno Toolkit UI Controls to create engaging UI

The Most Productive Devloop
for Cross-Platform Apps

Hot Reload

Iterate quickly on your app UI and features while seeing
the impact of your changes instantaneously.

C# for Markup

No XAML needed if you don’t want it – Enjoy a Flutter-like
UI development experience with C# and .NET Hot Reload
by using C# for Markup

.NET Ecosystem Friendly

Support from third party UI controls vendors like
Syncfusion, Infragistics, LiveCharts and Lightning Chart

Productivity Boosters


Application blocks for fast app

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Extensive docs, samples, and tutorials

Uno Toolkit

Multiplatform-first UI components to speed up
your development.

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Free and paid support available

Download Free Visual Studio Plugin
Uno Platform plugin for Visual Studio
is available at Visual Studio Marketplace.