VS Code extension
for Uno Platform Development

Develop Uno Platform powered Wasm and Skia-based applications
without leaving Visual Studio Code.

Visual Studio Code!

Get XAML productivity boosters traditionally seen only in Visual Studio – XAML Hot reload as well as the XAML Code Completion powered by our own XAML Language Server.
XAML Code Completion
Uno Platform VS Code extension is powered by our own XAML Language Server! With a XAML file opened you can edit the file or use CTRL + SPACE to get code completion for Controls, Properties, Events, Enums, and more. 
XAML and C# Hot Reload
Hot reload in our VS Code extension allows you to modify the XAML displayed in a running application, speeding up your inner dev loop. Develop Uno Platform applications without ever having to leave productivity of VS Code. 
C# Debugging
Add breakpoints to C# code and simply press F5 to build the project and start the debugging session.
Codespaces and GitPod support
Easily use Visual Studio Code in the cloud via direct integration with Codespaces and GitPod. Enjoy the productivity of pre-built environments and save time to start developing and testing an application from your browser.
Download Visual Studio Code Extension
Uno Platform extension for Visual Studio Code
is available at Visual Studio Code Marketplace.