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Uno Material Toolkit for Figma

Uno Material Toolkit for Figma

Free Material UI Library and design system for Uno Platform projects

Design Consistency
Copy single components or layers from Figma to Uno Platform and instantly generate code for XAML or C# markup.

Kickstart your project with the Material Toolkit file. It includes templates, components, and essential tools for theme customization.

Shared Language
Instantly generate code for your preferred development environment along with color and font files.


Material 3 Conventions

Modern Material 3 design guidelines for a cohesive user experience across your application.

Text Styles

Comes pre-loaded with semantic font styles to ensure your project looks great on any target platform


Versatile components for mobile, desktop, and web apps, covering all states and variants

Hundreds of Icons

A wide array of icons to choose from and enhance your interface intuitiveness.


Pre-designed layouts to jumpstart your mobiles, desktop and web projects.

Integrated Documentation​

Detailed guidance for plugin, theme customization and getting started.

Light and Dark Theme

Dual palette color styles for both light and dark modes, aligned with Material 3.

Example App

Fully functional, multiple page e-commerce app that you can test, remix and play around with


How to get started

Everything you need to kick off is right here! Discover our Uno Figma guides for foundational knowledge, engage with our hands-on tutorial series for in-depth learning, or jump straight in with our Material Toolkit File.

from handoff to high five

Streamline your Uno Platform app development with the Uno Material Toolkit and Uno Platform for Figma plugin. Design effortlessly in Figma using Material components, then transform your designs into code seamlessly. Quick, cohesive, and efficient—from design to development.

Pre-built templates to help you start

Customize our templates by swapping components, changing layouts, or updating themes and styles.

Material Toolkit File

Our Uno Platform Material Toolkit file is the best way to kick off any Uno Platform project using the plugin. Benefit from a free UI library featuring pre-built components, templates, and pages, plus a Material Design system.

Simple Calc

The Simple Calculator template for Uno Platform is designed for efficiency and ease of use. It offers a user-friendly calculator interface perfect for quick calculations and basic arithmetic functions.

Tube Player

Crafted for seamless video streaming experiences, this video streaming template offers intuitive controls and sleek design, ideal for building a personalized video player or content platform on Uno Platform.

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