Uno Platform for Silverlight Developers

Silverlight promise was delivering Rich Internet Applications (RIA) quickly and easily. Uno Platform delivers on the RIA promise without any plugins needed – using only C# and familiar XAML. You can quickly modernize your Silverlight line of business applications and continue running them on the Web (via WebAssembly). As a bonus, you will get native iOS and Android mobile apps, as well as WinUI/UWP Desktop application.

Get Started

To get started with Uno Platform we recommend using our official step-by-step onboarding tutorial. In addition, all materials for our full day workshop are available for free.

Migrating from Silverlight to WinUI and Uno Platform Documentation

To help you migrate your Silverlight application to WinUI and Uno Platform we have prepared the Silverlight Migration Guide and migrated a sample Time Entry RIA application with accompanying source code, techniques and considerations you need to make when migrating your Silverlight application.

Case studies


See how HubSE used Uno Platform to migrate their web application while saving 10x the time needed for the project.