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Uno Platform for Silverlight Developers​

Uno Platform delivers on the RIA promise without any
plugins needed – using only C# and XAML
Familiar XAML
Uno uses UWP XAML which has much in common with the Silverlight version of XAML
Reuse Business Logic
Porting to Uno is facilitated by using C# for maximum code-reuse, with the added benefit that the C# code-behind and the pure business logic will port easily.
Favorite IDE
Use familiar editors like Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code or Rider

Silverlight to Uno Platform Migration


Silverlight to Uno Migration Process

We’ve prepared the Silverlight Migration Guide with a Time Entry RIA app example, including techniques, considerations, and source code.
Keep Your XAML

Transform Your Legacy Apps

See how Uno Platform allows developers to extend the life of their Silverlight applications.
Stick with .NET

Why Choose Uno Platform

Building .NET applications fully in C# provides a powerful and flexible way to bring your ideas to life.

Productivity Boosters

UI Toolkit

Multiplatform-first UI components to speed up your development.


Extensive docs, samples, and tutorials


Application blocks for fast app bootstrapping


Free and paid support available


RIA Sample app

Time Entry RIA Sample Application

We migrated a sample Time Entry (RIA) application with accompanying source code.

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