Uno Platform and Windows 10 / 11

In practice, Uno Platform is not present on Windows 10/11. Uno Platform is not needed to build modern UI on Windows. However, applications built with WinUI and Uno Platform will run natively on Windows, Web, iOS, macOS, Android, and Linux.

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Dotted line signifies that only WinUI is needed for building modern Windows applications.
When WinUI is combined with Uno Platform and its unique utilization of .net, WebAssembly, and Skia, you end up with a single codebase, C#, and XAML apps that run natively on all platforms. 
Experience WinUI and Uno Platform Built Gallery App
A collection of ready-to-use Fluent and Material code snippets to help speed up your multi-platform development.
WinUI and Uno Platform – Better Together
Uno Platform acts as a bridge for WinUI and UWP apps to run natively on iOS, macOS, Android, Linux, and WebAssembly.
You can run your C# and XAML source code unmodified and compile it on a different platform yet have it behave the same at runtime.
In turn, you as a developer automatically benefit from decades of Windows ecosystem investment in responsive design, security, accessibility and more.
Why extend WinUI?
WinUI is the future of building applications for Windows and is a successor to great technologies such as WinForms, WPF and UWP. The Windows developer ecosystem has a great ecosystem of 1st and 3rd party components and is familiar to hundreds of thousands of C# and XAML developers who want to leverage that exact same skillset to build not only future Windows applications but also apps for iOS, Android, macOS, Web and Linux.
In our opinion, there’s no point on trying to reinvent the wheel either from UI framework point of view, or from ecosystem components view which is why we chose to extend WinUI(and UWP) built applications to mobile, non-Windows desktops and the Web.
No prior WinUI or UWP knowledge needed
There’s no need to have an existing UWP or WinUI skillset. The ramp up is very fast through Uno Platform templates which make it easy for any developer to create a new project in Visual Studio or from the command line for anyone familiar with C# and XAML.
Or for those wishing to start from Figma designs, we offer Figma plugin which comes with sample design.

Client Success Story

The Kahua app is 4x faster than anticipated
Kahua uses Uno Platform, WinUI and Azure to deliver a multi-platform app four times faster than anticipated

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