Uno Platform
for Figma
Figma plugin for pixel-perfect XAML export for
Uno Platform apps. Request a Demo.
Accelerate Design to
Code Handoff
Go from high fidelity Figma designs to developer friendly XAML code which can be built upon and extended quickly. Easily generate packages ready to use in your projects. Using our plugin’s XAML exports reduces up to 50% time to start up projects or new app screens.
Design to XAML code
in Seconds
Export your Figma design assets and eliminate the handoff hassle. Create applications true to the way they were designed to look and behave. Get clean, responsive XAML tailored to your brand guidelines.
Use pre-configured UnoToolkit Material components to design your application quickly. All controls are easily modifiable by using variants, so you see your app come to life even in designs. Use pre-built app pages to build skeleton of your app.
Experience your app before even coding it. Use mock data to see how real content behaves in the app.

Approved by Developers
like You

Developers retain 100% control over crucial code they care about. One click for XAML code and assets files. No more back and forth for assets export and management

Approved by Designers
like You

Our philosophy is that the Figma design is the single-source of truth on which end-users, designers and developers agree on. As a designer you continue working in Figma. By using Uno Toolkit Material Library and Live Preview you will get instant feedback on controls you are using for your designs.

Experience Design-to-XAML handoff

Seeing is believing. Use the sample App we designed in Figma.
Get Figma Assets
Install the Uno Platform Plugin for Figma and Download (“Duplicate”) Uno Platform Material Toolkit from Figma community. The file will contain the sample Commerce App.
Export XAML
Inside Figma, navigate to “Example App” inside Uno Platform Material Toolkit. Select any one screen, right-click and select “Uno / Figma” plugin, then generate XAML.
See XAML in your App
Copy XAML generated in step 2 and paste inside your Uno Platform App in. Or if you want to skip steps 1 and 2, you can use XAML we generated. If you need a sample Uno Platform app, use our Getting Started guide.