Uno Extensions

Get to a fully functional project in minutes. Never again write code from scratch for commonly used functions, while retaining an option to easily extend any particular feature.

App Templates

With App Templates you will be able to quickly set up and
expand your Uno Platform mobile application with key
features such as:
Dependency Injection
Dependency Injection
Quicker time to market
Using Uno extensions saves up months of development time. You will be able to reduce the budget needed to develop the app as well as reap benefits of arriving to market fast.
Reuse bug-free code
Reusing battle-tested extensions means you don’t need to test commonly use functionality. Save time and produce bug-free apps while also lowering the overall budget for the application.
Right architecture
from the start.
The extensions follow real-world best practices. The extensions were developed with detailed internal and external review to provide the best base possible on which to build a production-ready app.
Be 10x the developer!
With extensions your productivity will skyrocket and your organization can have a smaller team by reusing tested code for both Android and iOS devices.
Download App Templates:
App Templates are available as NuGet Package.
See Getting Started with App Templates for all the

Uno Navigation

Uno Navigation provides an abstraction away from the UI
layer. With Uno Navigation you have an option to easily move
between pages, open dialogs etc via the use of Frame,
TabView or ContentControl.

Supports forward and backward navigation, for example for navigating between different screens.
Supports forward navigation between tabs, for example when users need a quick way to switch from one panel to the other.
Supports forward navigation to show new content, for example when navigating to a new dialog.
Download Uno Navigation

Uno Navigation NuGet Package is available.

Uno Reactive

Uno Reactive makes Reactive models and
ViewModels easy to work with.

With Uno Reactive you can easily feed your UI with
data and have clean separation between UI and
business logic. Build multi platform mobile, desktop
and web applications with views which respond
gracefully to the form factor your user is on.

Any Programming Style
With Uno Reactive you get to chose between Immutable, Declarative or Reactive style Programming.
Easy State Management.
Make States explicit. Foster clean architecture that is scalable and decouples Presentation, Domain and Data layers.
Reactive Data
Simplify the creation of interactive user interfacesReceive multiple values sequentially, for example to receive live updates from a databaseKeep the power of XAML Styling, Visual State Management and Databinding.
Download Uno Reactive
Uno Reactive is available as NuGet Package.
See Getting Started with 
Uno Reactive for all the