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Reactive programming for mere mortals. Easily create asynchronous and event-based cross-platform .NET apps

Any Programming Style

With MVUX you get to choose between Declarative or Reactive style Programming.

Easy State Management

Make State explicit and immutable.


Unlike other reactive or MVU style frameworks, MVUX has been designed to work with data binding.

Build Fast. Reuse Often.


Separation of Concerns

Foster clean architecture that is scalable and decouples Presentation, Domain and Data layers.


Asynchronous By Default

Everything in MVUX is asynchronous by default and threads are managed to ensure high performance without blocking the UI.


Code Generation

Eliminates repetitive boilerplate code, a common complaint for patterns such as MVVM, through the use of code generation.

Productivity Boosters


Application blocks for fast app bootstrapping.


Extensive docs, samples, and tutorials specifically for Reactive or Uno Platform in general.

Proven Modernization Path

Reuse business logic and most of your XAML. Leverage modern WinUI and Windows Community Toolkit.


Free and paid support available



1,000,000 lines of WPF code migrated to Web

Traditionally a Windows-only shop, Kahua can now provide a modern, intuitive, and consistent user experience across Web and Mobile. By adopting .NET 7 and Uno Platform, Kahua’s WebApp performs comparable to their desktop app!

Seeing is believing

Discover Uno Platform through two full, free, step-by-step workshops

Reactive Framework for feeds with Uno Extensions!

Reduce boilerplate code
and get to production quicker.

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