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Case Studies

Hear directly from companies with Uno Platform applications in market today


Toyota migrates from XamarinForms to Uno Platform

Discover how Toyota successfully transitioned from Xamarin Forms to the Uno Platform, overcoming the challenges of migrating complex applications and achieving successful deployments in compliance with rigorous standards. Read More

Kahua migrates 1,000,000 lines of WPF code to Web​

Traditionally a Windows-only shop, Kahua can now provide a modern, intuitive, and consistent user experience across Web and Mobile. By adopting .NET and Uno Platform, Kahua’s WebApp performs comparably to their desktop app!

TradeZero: Mobile app for commission-free trading

For optimal performance, TradeZero opted for Uno Platform for their consumer trading app, covering stocks, options, and ETFs. 

IA Financial Group

Completed the rewrite and improvement of IA Financials Insurance & Savings App. This involved adding new functionalities, evolving the existing app, and expanding its scope to cater to other business lines.

Air Canada
Uno Platform apps for Air Canada employees ensures smooth business operations, process optimization, and regulation compliance.
MD Financial
Mobile app for MD Financial portfolio management on both iOS and Android platforms. With easy access to information and a user-friendly dashboard, users can securely communicate via messaging while benefiting from integrated financial calculators.

Hug App, a social networking application designed for intimate conversations, faced the challenge of providing a native experience on both Android and iOS. By adopting Uno Platform, Hug leveraged C#, Hot Reload, and extensive XAML support to ensure native API access, rapid development, and pixel-perfect designs.

Microsoft WCT Labs ​
Microsoft Windows Community Labs allows developers to create contribution experiments within the browser– be it code, documentation, or the sample app itself. Uno Platform powers the mechanism of running WinUI / UWP XAML in the browser.
NuGet Package Explorer

The NuGet Package Explorer is powered by Uno Platform.


Discover myVCA, your personalized guide to pet care. Get tailored advice, 24/7 live chat with veterinarians, healthcare reminders, appointment booking, and more! Raise a happy and healthy pet with myVCA.

Parkland Fuel Corp.
Gamified mobile app that offers personalized promotions and seamlessly integrates EV Charge into the loyalty program. We took charge of the service design and expertly managed the entire flow, ensuring a flawless user experience.
AQPS Suicide.ca
Designed for both B2C and B2E, we built a web portal and mobile solution for suicide prevention AQPS. The app offers a seamless experience, featuring self-assessment tools with live chat support and distress prioritization management, so users can access immediate assistance when needed.
CAA Mobile

Discover the CAA Member Mobile App, powered by Uno Platform. With just a few clicks, users can effortlessly send and track towing requests. Enjoy access to a vast catalog of exclusive promotions and rebates, with convenient notifications of nearby offers. Integrated with 8 regional clubs across Canada, it delivers a seamless experience for CAA members.

City of Ottawa
Uno Platform-built application for iOS and Android that connects citizens of Ottawa to government services. The app allows effortless submission and monitoring of service requests. With a configurable alerts and notifications center, users stay informed every step of the way.
Journey Rewards

 JOURNIE Rewards™ is your key to reaching fuel discounts, choosing free stuff, and more at participating Pioneer and Ultramar locations. You can join JOURNIE Rewards™ by downloading and registering via the app to begin collecting points, rewards and discounts.

City of Québec
Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC) wanted to provide its users with a digital tool that could allow them to better plan their trips using public transport, carsharing and bike-sharing services.
With the Cineplex Mobile app you can buy movie tickets, skip the line and scan your digital ticket for paperless entry, plus instantly order food and drink to your VIP Cinemas seat.
UK Government Central Laser Facility
UK Government Central Laser Facility developed an application that enable scientists to monitor and communicate with a wide range of scientific instruments from Uno Platform powered applications on Web, Linux, Android and Web.
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Vogels upgraded their native mobile app to a seamless, pixel-perfect solution that works across both iOS and Android using Uno Platform. This transition not only simplifies maintenance but also offers cost advantages.

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HubSE used Uno Platform to migrate their Silverlight web application to WebAssembly while saving 10x the time needed for the project.
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Chorus is an intuitive mobile app to support Encore’s field clinicians and impact quality care.
Jean Coutu

The Jean Coutu app simplifies your life: view registered prescriptions, request refills, get notified when ready, access store locator and weekly flyer. It also provides essential tools such as access to the store locator and the weekly flyer.

“ Over the last three years, Uno Platform has been critical to our cross-platform mobile solutions built to protect thousands of child athletes. Without Uno, there’s no way our small development team could’ve built and delivered our technology as quickly as we did to both the IOS and Android environments. ”
Mike Aleckson, CTO – Safe All Star
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