Uno Themes

Material, Fluent or Cupertino style for your app with only few lines of code. 

Easily Theme Your App

Control the look and feel of your UI components to fit any brand or application style.

Uno Toolkit

Works seamlessly with Uno Toolkit controls.

Easy to Use

Just one click in our getting started wizard ensures your app has a great look and feel right out of the box 

Seamless App Design

Easy to use layouts, styling, animations and interactions.

End-user delight

Dark / Light Theme right out-of-box

Styles come pre-built to handle both light/dark theme seamlessly with the ability for endless color customization. 

Provide your users an option to switch dark/light theme automatically, without any additional code. 


Lightweight Styling

Customize the appearance of XAML controls by overriding their default brushes, fonts, and numeric properties.  

Override is possible on App, Page or Control level. 

See in action

Uno Gallery

Compare Fluent, Material and Cupertino design for best fit and reuse via Uno Platform Gallery Web App or Mobile App (iOS, Android) . Reuse code snippets to speed up your development.

Design to code

Integrated with Uno Figma

Effortlessly design applications with Uno Material Toolkit’s components and Uno Platform for Figma Plugin. Generate responsive XAML code from Figma designs for efficient design-to-development workflows.

Seeing is believing

Discover Uno Platform through two full, free, step-by-step workshops

Add Your Own Style & Theme

Add the Uno.Material library to any new
or existing Uno solution.

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