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As Uno Platform team we were challenged with creating a showcase app that is both useful in terms of showcasing Uno Platform while ALSO being a real, useful app that software developers will use on day-to-day basis. The idea for an app born from our own need — having a beautiful mobile app that can be used while ‘on the go’, as well as during scrums — to easily pull up the list of work items you will, and had been working on in the past.

Here is the full list of tasks you can do with UADO which is accessing Azure DevOps.

  1. Authenticate using Microsoft credentials to gain access to Azure DevOps organizations you are a member of;
  2. Access organization’s full list of projects and their respective sprint associated work items as well as members;
  3. Work item details can be consulted with the ability to “Assign To Me” easily accessible from within the application;
  4. Ease of access to the Azure DevOps web client using the application’s embedded links for further edits.

Of course, you can do all of these tasks via the Azure DevOps web client — however quickly getting to your items can be time consuming and not displayed as neatly as with a beautifully designed mobile app. The Web Client of the app is meant to be the showcase part of the Uno Platform on the Web. It’s a bit of ‘duplication’ compared to Azure DevOps. But this is where ‘showcase’ part of the app comes in play — so you can envision the possibilities of Uno Platform. We wouldn’t expect you to replace your Azure DevOps web access with it.

At the end of the day UADO is meant to help you learn and experiment with Uno Platform by examining its source code. You will be able to see how we handle authentication, events, and more.

UADO is available in the app stores (AppleGoogle) and you can also try it live on the Web via Uno Platform support for WebAssembly. And of course, you can always examine the source code on GitHub.

If you are new to Uno Platform, then the best place to start is our getting started tutorial.

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