Uno Platform and Bluetooth LE: An Easy-to-Follow Guide to Building a Bluetooth Explorer

Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on reddit Writing a cross-platform application with Uno Platform gives us access to the native capabilities of each platform. Using a cross-platform API, we can work directly with these capabilities from platform-agnostic code. One such example is Bluetooth Low Energy which allows our app to interact with a wide range of low-energy sensors and peripherals. Concept We will build an application which allows the user to select a nearby Bluetooth device and query the functionality available. This will provide an introduction you can apply when building for a specific scenario. For this sample, we are using 32feet.NET, which is a cross-platform API for working with Bluetooth. It exposes an API which will be familiar if you’ve ever used Web Bluetooth. In this way, you don’t need to worry about the specifics of the various implementations on different platforms. Currently, the library doesn’t support Web Assembly, but that will be available in a future version. Bluetooth Explorer Sample App Prerequisites Adding the library to our shared Uno project is just a case of adding the InTheHand.BluetoothLE package from NuGet. Then, there are a couple of platform-specific requirements to set up permissions.  On iOS, we need