Thousands of developers use Uno Platform to build cross-platform web, mobile and desktop applications. Below are some of our favorites.

2D Space Shooter

Uno Platform isn’t technically a game development platform, nor is it trying to be but recently Asadullah Rifat took us through the stars with this 2D Space Shooter built with WASM and Uno Platform. 


Kahua used Uno Platform, WinUI 3 and Azure to build the business application platform of the future four times faster than anticipated.

The Kahua development team was able to reuse the code from its legacy application, as well as utilize 45+ controls from WinUI and Windows Community Toolkit as well as 3rd party controls by Syncfusion

“By combining Microsoft WinUI 3 and Uno Platform we are able to provide our customers with features, functionality and security that is simply unachievable with any other solution” – said Colin Whitlatch, CTO of Kahua.

Jean Coutu


The Jean Coutu application makes your life easier by allowing you to view the list of prescriptions registered in your health record or a family member’s record that you have authorization to access. You can request a refill in a pharmacy affiliated with the Jean Coutu Group and be notified when the prescription is prepared and that the file has been verified by your pharmacist. The application also provides essential tools such as access to the store locator and the weekly flyer.

Journie Rewards


JOURNIE Rewards™ is your key to reaching fuel discounts, choosing free stuff, and more at participating Pioneer and Ultramar locations. You can join JOURNIE Rewards™ by downloading and registering via the app to begin collecting points, rewards and discounts.



With the Cineplex Mobile app you can buy movie tickets, skip the line and scan your digital ticket for paperless entry, plus instantly order food and drink to your VIP Cinemas seat.



myVCA is your tailor-made guide to raising a happy and healthy pet. Get personalized and easy-to-follow pet care advice and tips based on your pet’s species and age; 24/7 live chat with an on-call veterinarian to answer your pet health and wellness questions; healthcare reminders and medical records; real-time appointment availability and the ability book your pet’s next appointment in less than a minute; and more!

National Geographic Learning


Learn English with TED Talks is a supplemental resource for students enrolled in English language learning programs. This video-based language learning app helps learners understand and discuss powerful ideas from TED Talks.

Pool Math


Pool Math uses Xamarin Forms for the mobile app and Uno Platform renderers for Xamarin Forms for its web counterpart. Pool Math makes swimming pool care, maintenance and management easy by tracking chlorine, pH, alkalinity and other levels to help calculate how much salt, bleach and other chemicals to add.

Minesweeper 10

A port of the original Microsoft’s iconic Minesweeper game – now available cross-platform thanks to Uno Platform.



Pix2D is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for anyone who wants to make pixel-perfect art. Optimized for pen and touch input devices. Perfectly fit for making pixel art, game graphics and sketching.


COduo is a Surface Neo and Duo app which help users in the UK understand the environmental impact of their energy usage.

Czech SMS Ticket


This application allows you to quickly purchase a ticket for Czech public transportation with a SMS. You can pin tickets to the home screen quick actions list for an even easier access.

Character Dynamism


This app allows you to evaluate the dynamism of your personal character, and allows you to make a prognosis about how to alter it. The dynamism of every person is constantly changing, from exodynamic (at birth), to statism, to endodynamic.

Volle Mohre


Internal usage app for scheduling improv shows, rehearsals and more.

Biyee Color Vision Test


Biyee color vision deficiency (a.k.a. color blindness) tests are based on research work originally carried out in the early 1990s at Cornell University. They were brought on-line in 2000. The online version has been used by millions of people all over the world. It has also been used by organizations to screening job candidates.

Monkey Conf

Spain’s greatest Xamarin conference website. Monkey Conf deals with topics related to mobile development, Xamarin, Xamarin.Forms, App Center, testing and much more.

Universal Azure DevOps (UADO)

UADO is an app to help you organize Work Items in Microsoft Azure DevOps projects. UADO is meant to help you learn and experiment with Uno Platform by examining its source code. You will be able to see how we handle authentication, events, and more.

Uno Calculator

Windows 10 calculator on iOS, Android, Linux and the Web using WebAssembly in order to show you the power of Uno Platform.

Scorpio Player


SCORPIO PLAYER is a modern and full-feature powerful universal media player



This simple app merges information of important events throughout history from Wikipedia pages with the events of today in a selection of various languages.

Postcard Maker

Create your own fun and custom postcard, share it through intuitive interface, or print it directly from the interface on photo paper to create your own personalized postcard!

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