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Create Beautiful .NET Apps Faster

Open-source platform for building single codebase native mobile, web, desktop and embedded apps quickly

Your choice of OS, IDE, state management, design systems. Use only what works for you.

Visual Studio or VS Code XAML  & C# Hot Reload built-in. One-click Figma design exports.

Reuse 100’s of .NET UI components or 1st party native controls for beautiful apps.

Pixel-perfect, Material, Fluent or Cupertino-themed apps on all platforms.

1 m+

NuGet Downloads

100 +


6 k+

GitHub Stars

10 k+

Twitter Followers

Flexible to Your Preferences

Use only parts you need. Extend as you please.
Bring your tools

Develop From Anywhere Using Your Favorite IDE 

Use familiar editors like Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code or Rider 

C# or XAML for UI Development

Build polished cross-platform .NET UIs with concise declarative UI markup using a modern XAML-centric syntax or declarative-style C# Markup.


Model-View-Update-eXtended (MVUX)

Get all the benefits of Reactive, Immutable and Declarative presentation, as well as state management., but with the additional benefit of easy testing provided by decoupling Views from Models and Updates. Read more.
true single project

One Project, 9 Platforms

Our true Single Project approach simplifies development, accelerates build times, and facilitates platform-specific development, enhancing your productivity and efficiency

Ultimate Productivity Using
Tools of Your Choice

Build Cross-Platform apps, fast.

C# and XAML Hot Reload in both Visual Studio and VS Code

Build .NET UIs and features quickly while instantaneously seeing the impact of your changes on the emulator or device.


Generate C# or XAML Markup in Seconds

Create applications true to the way they were designed to look and behave. Get clean, responsive XAML or C# tailored to your brand guidelines. Read more about our Figma plugin.

Solution Template Wizard

Get running .NET projects in minutes. Easily configure your project to your exact preferences. Select as many or as few Uno Platform features as you’d like.

Rich UI, Fast

Reuse Windows, .NET, .NET MAUI ecosystem and native capabilities.

The choice is yours

Reuse Hundreds of UI Controls 

Streamline the development process by creating stunning web, mobile, and desktop apps using a single codebase with hundreds of UI components available from WinUI, Windows Community Toolkit, 3rd-party providers, .NET MAUI controls and the Uno Toolkit


Native Features & Performance

Easily provide user-familiar native UIs and features such as Payments, Clipboard, Magnifiers, Ads, Biometry, Password Managers and more.
Productivity multiplier

Uno Platform Extensions

Battle tested .NET-based cross-platform code blocks for commonly used functions like authentication, navigation, reactive and many more.

Beautiful UI, Fast

Brand enforcement

Easily Theme
Your Apps

Control the look and feel of your UI components to fit any brand or application style. Read more.
Feel right at home

Bring Your Custom Components

Reuse work you did on previous apps
or design systems. 
You are in good company

Seeing is believing

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