Migrating the Silverlight Toolkit TreeView control to UWP and the Uno Platform

🕓 4 MIN You can find the code of the TreeView for this article in the Uno.UI.Toolkit.SLrepository, in which we will add new controls and accept contributions for controls as they are made available. In this blog post series, we’re going to cover the migration of the code for the Silverlight Toolkit TreeView control TreeView control to UWP and the Uno Platform, a control widely used in […]

Uno Platform support for the Windows Community Toolkit

🕓 2 MIN Recent updates to the Uno Platform have allowed for the Windows Community Toolkit to run on iOS, Android and the Web through WebAssembly. You can try it live in your browser HERE. Support for the Windows toolkit is an important part of the UWP development experience, as it provides a some missing controls and helpers from the UWP […]